Word on the Street

Greetings.  We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website.  Here you can sample our wares, learn about goings on, familiarize yourself with the rich lore of the World Famous Waxing Phil, and… well that’s pretty much it.

We have also released an EP, The Pursuit of Happiness, Vol. I.   Some sketchy details are found in the attached one sheet.  If you navigate on over to the Discography page, you are welcome to stream, download, share and evangelize about your love for all things Waxing Phil.

Please check back often as we continue to add new content, false promises, chestnuts from our vault, WP merchandise and, wait for it –    TOUR DATES.

Lastly, feel free to join our mailing list, subscribe to our feed or comment as you see fit.


Trixie D.


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